☆A RELATIONSHIP IN TROUBLE?! (+TEAM ROCKET=BAD ASS?!)//Pokemon (2019) Anime Episode 3 Review☆

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whaz UP my dear boys and girls it's your PRB12 here and really sorry for the delay, but thanks to my real life I barely got time for anything....and yet....I somehow was able to finish this review!

So....*inhales deeply*.....welcome TO another REVIEW of Pokemon the anime 2019!

once again this new era of the Pokemon Anime really is killin it with showcasing their characters! ...but this time there seems to be some trouble in the (I guess Yaoi) paradise! xD

wanna know more? then GRAB some popcorn, GRAB some cookies and LET'S DO THIS!


Episode 3: Fushigisou, Isn't it Mysterious?

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