Arrange Marriage | Body Shaming | Tamil Short Film.

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Description :
Body shaming is widely spoken about. An abuse of any sort is still an abuse. We call out people who shame us for our body, we fight against the same, when it's done by a person unknown to us. But, when the same shaming is done under various patriarchial labels and gender labels by people who are dear to us, do we have a say against it?

Arrange marriage is a short film about what goes under the label. What does this label put women through? It will make you think if these things still happen. It does. Not aloud. But, it does.

Cast :
Sheeba Dakalti
Hema Manobhaskar

Director : Praveen Kumar.M
Cinematographer : Pradheep
Music Director : Nirmal Prabhakar
Editor : Ganesh Ram
SFX : Sugavanesh
Team Haiku : Kavinilavan & Ranjith
Publicity designs : Jeevan James kennady
Title design : Elumalai Mithun
Dubbing : Le Media productions
Voice over : RJ Nakkiran
Cartoon art : Quirkythrilz desgins
Online PRO : Sundar bala
Production: Haiku creations
Producer : Praveen Kumar

Special Thanks:
Manthira moorthi
Vishnu gaja
Abinesh vettrivel
Arun arjunraj

Writer & Director : M.Praveen kumar

Cast :
Sheeba Dakalti:

Hema :

Cinematographer : Pradheep

Editor : Ganesh Ram

Music : Nirmal Prabhakar

Production team: Haiku creations

#Arrangemarriage #tamilshortfilm #bodyshaming

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