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Bodo Molitor Hits Internacionales 1969 mexico, rough 'n' hard garage psych

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Bodo Molitor - Hits Internacionales (1969 mexico, rough 'n' hard garage psych)

A legendary bit of psychedelia from the Mexican scene of the 60s -- the only album ever cut by Bodo Molitor, a singer with a range of American influences!

Part of the record is definitely as wild as you might expect from the cover, but other parts are more focused and groovy -- almost a bit soul or blues rock at times, although always with a bit of fuzz on the guitars.

Bodo sings in English, sometimes with a cool raspy sound that emphasizes the more soulful side of his music -- and instrumentation includes some organ that bubbles along nicely with the guitars.

Titles include "Sookie Sookie", "Real Real", "I Wish I Knew How", "She's A Woman", "You Don't Know", "When I Was Seventeen", "Laziness", and "The Midnight Hour"


1. Sookie, sookie (Don Covey) - 0:00

2. Real real (N.Simone) - 2:18

3. She's a woman (McCartney) - 4:31

4. You don't know (Molitor, Costa) - 7:40

5. St. James Infirmary (Joe Primroge) - 9:50

6. Wen I was seventeen (Lonnie Donnegan) - 12:25

7. I wish i knew how (B.Taylor) - 15:49

8. A girl I knew (John Kay, Morgan Cavett) - 18:25

9. Don't le me be misunderstood (Benjamin, Marcus, Cadwell) - 20:54

10.Laziness (Molitor, Costa) - 23:27

11.The midnight hour (Pickett, Cropper) - 25:16

12.Try minnie try (Molitor, Costa) - 28:00

13.Hello, i love you (Morrison, Manzarek) - 30:15

14.You don't know (Molitor, Costa) - 32:12

15.St. James infirmary (Joe Primroge) - 34:21

16.A girl I knew (John Kay, Morgan Cavett) - 36:53


*Bodo Molitor - Vocals, Guitar
*Juan Garcia Aragon - Guitar
*Jorge Rene Gonzalez - Organ

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