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Far Cry 5 pt6 Eric Bower

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Name Ronald Squitieri

Howdy Y'all my name is Ronald Squitieri but some know me as just Ronnie and I am a 2nd animator in the making, and voice actor although i will also make some real world videos and be ready for animations.I will also make slideshows every now and then.Also check on my Deviantart Channel.



Icon-Coyote me

Likes-anime,cartoons,animals,dinosaurs,movies,television,reading,Action,SyFi,Comedy,Kaiju,swimming,Youtube,animating,playing video games most specifically the far cry series,listen to music,Jurassic World,Raptors,Big Cats,and Wild Dogs.Disney,Werewolves,Universal Studios,Warner Brothers,MGM.

Dislike-A lot of work,Wendigos,Lion attacks,being scared,being woken up in the middle of the night,or early in the morning,getting hurt,worrying about a friend or family member being hurt,zombies.

I love animals and dinosaurs so i made one of my favorite animals my Icon

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