These Classic BMW E30 Wheels Were A DISASTER! Satisfying Auto Detailing!

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Another satisfying auto detailing video for your eyes and ears! These classic BMW Bottlecap wheels came off our E30 and we know these barrels have never been properly cleaned since the 1980's. So we took care of business, from the mildest process to the most aggressive.

We started with our classic wheel detailing process which is an Iron Remover followed by a foamed wheel cleaner, in this instance, P&S BrakeBuster. This made a dent, but we were no where close to a clean wheel. The next step was to Clay Bar the entire surface using Optimum No Rinse as a lubricant. With each step we saw progress, but it took 3K Wet Sanding paper to remove all of the remaining baked on dirt from the wheel barrels.

After all of these steps we gave the wheels a polish using Griots Garage Fast Correcting Cream on a Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pad. After all these steps it was finally time for a little protection and throw them back on the car!

We hope you all enjoy this little ASMR detailing experience! Thank you all for watching!

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