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This event for Guinness World Record for this Lego competition is known as Tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks. We count tallest Lego tower in the world ever built. This world record is like a slow-paced game of Jenga, in which the title creeps a little higher and a little higher from time to time.

Lego land Günzburg, Germany

in August 20 2010, Lego land Günzburg took 3 days. 550,000 brick to build 30.76 meters.

Santiago, Chile

Children of the Chilean claimed the world record. It took them three days from November 11 to, 13 2010. Former Chile football star Ivan Zamorano put the last pieces in place.

São Paulo, Brazil

With the help of a World Cup-winning footballer Cafu and thousands of children, in April 2011. The structure made from 500,000 of the plastic building blocks. Stands 31.19 meters tall in the car park of a shopping Centre in Sao Paulo. Nearly 6,000 children had helped piece together the bricks which were stacked together over four days

Paris, France

The tallest Lego tower in 2011, was set in Paris on October 24, 2011. It took 500,000 bricks and organizers ordered 700 kilos of Lego to build it

Seoul South Korea

Built by 4,000 children in May 2012, using 500,000 bricks and measured 31.9 meters, Seoul South Korea erected. The Lego mega structure which stands in front of Seoul's Olympic Stadium and beats the previous record set in France by only just 30 centimeters.

Lego land Windsor Great Britain.

Groups of Lego enthusiasts helped construct the tower comprising of 160 different colored sections at ground level before they were hoisted into place using a crane. It took four days to build and is certainly an impressive feat.
To complete the record attempt, Lego master builder Knudsen finally placed nine Team GB Lego mini figures on top of the tower measuring 32 meter tall.

Prague Czech Republic.

Single sculls champ Miroslava Knapkova placed the last stone on the 32.5 meters’ structure. It was built to mark the 80th anniversary of toy maker Lego and took less than four days to put up. Half a million bricks were used in the tower measuring 32.5 meters tall.

Red Clay Consolidated School Wilmington USA.

Made from 500,000 individual bricks of Lego the structure which was built by students from Wilmington Delaware broke a Guinness World Record last August 19 2013.

Budapest Hungary.

Official Danish LEGO constructors have teamed up with locals in Budapest Hungary to build the world’s tallest LEGO tower. Rising 34.76 meters in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica. The structure was made of 450,000 colorful bricks and appropriately topped with an oversized Hungarian-built Rubik's Cube.

Milan Italy

At Fabbrica del Vapore in June 21 2,015, the tallest structure built with Lego bricks has achieved 35.05 meters of 580,000 colorful bricks. After five days of collaboration, thousands of enthusiast Lego builders of all ages have contributed to this day tallest Lego tower ever made.

If you have updates, corrections, or new record, please write down in the comment section. Thank you for watching!

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