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True Scary Story Animated in Hindi - Crazy Stalker

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मै नए घर में जॉब के लिए शिफ्ट हुई थी, वहाँ पे मैंने एक shared अपार्टमेंट लिया था..
पर वहाँ पे कुछ अजीब तरह की आवाज़े आती थी............कहानी में आगे क्या हुआ, जानने के लिए देखे पूरा वीडियो ।

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******** Credits *********

Story credits to unknown sources from Reddit & Creepypasta
( Story comes under Creative commons 3.0 License & is free to use )

Sound effects - Under Creative commons 3.0

Myuuji Music

Copyright Disclaimer - Videos on this Channel are content ID protected.Use of the video in form of a clip or any other way to monetize or to reap commercial benefits will be taken seriously. Any use of the video without the consent of the channel is strictly not allowed.

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