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War Thunder Air Forces Arcade Battles: a scoring analysis

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This is a first analysis of the scoring as shown on the server recording taken from the game. It highlights where the points are scored and how to score them.

Did you know an aircraft destruction is worth 190 game points and an assist 120?

So, it may be more efficient tagging enemy aircraft with damage and keeping mobile, rather than sitting in a vulnerable position on an enemy tail, in a relatively static position, trying to earn that extra 70 points. In that time you could have tagged one or two or more for aircraft destruction assist points. Especially, in a stock aircraft.

I trust it helps improve 'the grind'.

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Here is a link to a playlist detailing the *land forces* crew training experience costs:

This is a series of videos showing the cost for each step of the crew training, It's not complete at 1 December, 2018, but there are seven crew training costs at this date. I trust this helps to plan 'the grind'.


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